On August 22 1973 I started my Telecommunication career on the Union Pacific Railroad as assistant Signal Technician, were I learned to how became a lineman. I had learned all about constructing open line wire on cross-arms with insulator pins that glass insulators were screwed onto and line wires were tied t0.

At the same time AT&T Long Lines was tearing out thousands of miles of this type pole line construction all across the United States. This technology had already served its purpose being close to 80 years old at the time. I worked on the Railroad for 3 years quit and went on an LDS Mission to Minnesota,Wisconsin, UP of Michigan and parts of Northern Illinois.
After my missionary service I went to the Cable Television Industry working for TCI in there construction dept. I learned all about Cable TV design, outside plant construction both Aerial and underground. As the size of the Cable system grew they kicked many of us who worked at activating Cable plant in the Construction dept over to the System where we became Service Technicians. We were all-stars right away as troubleshooting and implementation experience helped us to resolve many issues quickly. I took a 2 year stint off from Cable TV and learned now to install professional sound systems and Satellite systems.

After 2 years I went back into Cable business as a Contractor were I sub-contracted out cable installs into customer houses and then expanded into Splicing and activating new Cable TV construction by 1987 I had become a full fledged CATV Contractor (personally that was a mistake for me I should have stayed with I did best. By 1989 I was done with having employees.

That same year an engineer in Denver had figured out how modulate Cable TV RF signals into Fiber Optics using a concept known as AM fiber. By early 90’s I got out of  the Cable TV business to learn the phone business as I could see where communications was converging. Demand for my expertise brought me back into the Cable business where I ran upgrade crews where we converted traditional Cable TV into Hybrid Fiber Coax or HFC. I was in on the first conversion in Salt Lake City from traditional cable to Fiber Optic backbone.

While doing that work during the day I started working in a Call Center in the evening as a Computer Tech for Packard Bell computers, where  quickly became computer literate and I successfully applied troubleshooting methods to computers. From there I had an opportunity to learn my first PBX the Hitachi 5000 HCX while supporting a new concept known as leased Tenant Services. From there I got an opportunity to work in the Energy Industry and became part to Network Services team as the layer one guy.

At Williams Energy Services I learned all about Digital Cross-connects systems, T Berd Test sets, DS1-DS3 technology, ISDN, Cisco routers, the Nortel PBX, Microwave Radio both Analog and digital. While at Williams I was asked to move over to Williams Communications group as Senior Tech working on a new Fiber Optic network where I become expert at SONET transmission, DWDM, OTDR, Optical Spectrum Analyzers, OC-48 test sets ETC.

From 2002 to present I have  been working on several PBX platforms, Avaya Red-Blue and Cisco. I am heavily into SIP world now. I have had A plus computer certification, a Juniper Networks Certified Internet Specialist a Nortel Networks VOIP Certification(all of these are expired now) My current Certifications are the Cisco CCNA (the original data one) and CCNP Voice. A spend part of each day working in voice labs or troubleshooting looking at and analyzing wireshark traces and traces from different boxes I work on.

I have a good handle on both the data network and voice networks.


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